Battlejack 2.3 Patch Notes!

Hello Guardians!

Battlejack will be updated to version 2.3 tomorrow (February 13th), the maintenance will begin at 08.00 CET and should last 30 minutes, if everything goes well.

Don’t forget to update your game during the maintenance!

  • If you are on Android, update the game through the “My Apps and Games” menu in the Play Store.
  • If you are on IOS, you can find the update by refreshing the list in your “Updates” tab in the Appstore.

What’s new? 

There is some often requested stuff in this one, in addition to two new heroes joining the rank! You can now see all of your chest content in a summary view! Instantly sell unwanted loot in summary, summon result and dungeon reward screens! New shop chests for all your rune and scroll needs!

New heroes! Two new heroes are now available in the game!

Jerez is a Spellcaster Water hero with Magical trait. With him on the team, even failing a turn will charge the party’s skills, and his Totems will block all damage when summoned!

His partner is Näkki, also a Magical Spellcaster hero, using Light element.

Don’t let the cute looks fool you, she uses her spear to control thunder to deal damage, as well as boost her allies critical multiplier! Even her skin is electric, giving increased counter chance to fellow spellcasters.

Together using their combo skill these two can even control the time itself, instantly recharging all other skills!

New features and changes

  • All rewards you receive from a chest are now shown in new fancy summary view (no spamming the chat with a dozen screenshots, yay!):
  • Ask anyone to be your friend and reinforcement by sending them an invitation directly from the player info.
  • No limit on number of Guild Donations you can make per day. Sending requests is still limited by time.

Quality of Life changes

  • Ability to instantly sell heroes in the chest summary, summon result and dungeon rewards screens. In the chest summary screen you can also directly dismantle runes.
  • Visual outline on heroes that go over the collection limit.
  • When increasing hero collection limit you can purchase enough to fit all your heroes in your collection at once. Price is the same, 50 gems per 5 slots.
  • When trying to enter a dungeon with no free hero slots player has option to buy more slots directly without going back to the collection.
  • Hero name shown in the revive request dialog when selecting which hero to revive.

Changes to the Shop

  • Royal and Rainbow Chests have been replaced by brand new Rune and Scroll Chest respectively!
  • Gold Chest gives more gold; only gold and gold heroes.
  • Rune Chest gives only runes.
  • Scroll Chest gives only scrolls.
  • (because who wants to get something they didn’t pay for?)

Balance changes

  • Rane’s ATK increased by 200 and DEF increased by 100.
  • Elemental summon prices in guild shop have been increased to 1200 from 950.
  • Lowered chance of Scrolls in Chapter 1-3 chests to make the chance equal with other chapters. Giving more potions instead.
  • Daily Quests (Power up, Skill up, Chest looter) rewards tweaked. Gem amounts dropped to 10 and skill up + chest looter give 10 story energy instead.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug that was showing the 28th twice in the monthly reward calendar.
  • Fixed bug that captured card was sometimes left unturned in reward screen when using Loot Ticket.
  • Show the Chest in dungeon reward screen when using Loot Tickets. Only shown if free chest slots.
  • Fixed secondary stat boosts so they work in Arena defence.
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Goodbye Guardian

I'd like to take a minute to deviate from just posting game updates/events/patch notes to wish a fond farewell to Battlejack's community manager and a friend to us all, Kimundi. If you're familiar with him from the Discord server, or you've ever interacted with Battlejack via facebook chances are he's helped you with your questions. While it's only been a short while his impact has been pretty large.

It's been a great time and we wish you well in whatever comes next!

Posted 2/5/2018 3:27:07 PM by Toot

Patch notes 2.2!

Hello Guardians!

Battlejack will be updated to version 2.2 tomorrow (February 6th), the maintenance will begin at 08.00 CET and should last 30 minutes, if everything goes well. You can find the exact time for your region here.

Don’t forget to update your game during the maintenance!

  • If you are on Android, update the game through the “My Apps and Games” menu in the Play Store.
  • If you are on IOS, you can find the update by refreshing the list in your “Updates” tab in the Appstore.

So, what’s new?

Update 2.2 is smaller compared to our huge 2.1 update, but we are introducing new features and changes, let’s get a look!

A new feature is coming to Battlejack: Loot Tickets! Clear a dungeon instantly with one tap and capture heroes!

The Arena will now have themed tournaments, boosting specific traits in fights. It’s time to shake up your teams!

Rare Summons now have levels! Heroes you summon through rare summons can be leveled up, and can even be max level if you’re lucky.

New features and changes

  • Loot Tickets allow you to instantly complete a dungeon to capture heroes faster. You must have completed the dungeon without using gems to revive to be allowed to loot the dungeon with Loot Tickets. Loot tickets give you the heroes, gold and experience and chests. Loot tickets can be found in chests (Story and Arena), quest rewards and purchased together with energy. The targeting of the Loot Ticket is random, but the boss will always be targeted in priority.
  • “One More Star” quest will now appear daily and reward Loot Tickets. The daily quests “Day Training”, “Gold Rush” and “Chest Looter” will now also reward Loot Tickets. You will be able to obtain around 7 Loot Tickets each day.
  • Arena Tournaments now boosts ATK, REC, DEF and HP of heroes of a specific trait: a boost icon will be show in Opponent screen and Party edit screen.
  • Energy refill are now sold as 100 energy + 10 Loot Tickets by default. Price of energy bundles have been increased to 100 gems and will increase with each refill. The price will reset every day.

Quality of Life changes

  • When selecting a sacrifice for evolution, you will only be shown the required Stars levels and not all heroes anymore
  • The Maze Edit Party menu will now show a buff or debuff icon on heroes depending on their traits and elements to help build your team.
  • Hunting Quests after level 30 will now be based on monsters’ attack traits and elements.

Balance changes

  • The price to craft a random 3-stars hero at the Tinker has been reduced to 10.000 gold.
  • Reduced drop rates of higher star heroes from Story Mode to balance the new Loot Tickets feature.
  • Reduced chance of getting gems in Common Arena chests and increased chance of getting gems in Rare, Epic and Legendary Arena chests.
  • Increased chance of getting Glory Points and added Loot tickets to Arena chests.
  • Neth’s “Silence!” skill duration has been decreased by 1 turn and its cooldown increased by 1 turn.

Skill duration: 4, 5, 6 -> 3, 4, 5 turns

Cooldown: 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 -> 13, 12, 11, 10, 9 turns

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug that Arena season didn’t change while the player was online.
  • Fixed an issue where the hero collection inventory limit was not checked when summoning.
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Odr and Fenrir!

Hello Summoners!

New altar heroes have arrived! Starting now, you can unlock Mad God Odr and Wolf God Fenrir in the creation altar! (Find it next to the arena)

These divine heroes take up a lot of party space, but pack a SERIOUS punch. Odr's skills add a huge risk-reward twist to battle, and can transfer stat buffs between the enemy and your party. Fenrir's 'Release the Chains' skill is insanely powerful, but at the cost of debuffing some of his stats.

Use them wisely and you'll obliterate your foes! Their Ragnarok skill is the ultimate gamble -- it raises ATK, DEF, and REC x4 but triggers Sudden Death after 7 turns. Make it count!

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Battlejack 2.1 Patch Notes!

Hello Guardians!

Battlejack will be updated to version 2.1 tomorrow, the maintenance will begin at 08.00 CET and should last 30 minutes, if everything goes well. You can find the exact time for your region here: 

Don’t forget to update your game during the maintenance!

        If you are on Android, update the game through the “My Apps and Games” menu in the Play Store.

        If you are on IOS, you can find the update by refreshing the list in your “Updates” tab in the Appstore.


So, what’s new?

What’s new? Well a lot of things! Be prepared, this will be a looong patchnotes. Go grab a coffee (or a beverage of your preference) and let’s get started!

The Dark Maze is now officially opened and we are happy to continue including new features to it. With 2.1, we will see some long-awaited improvements: the ability to cure the Maze Sickness, guild rewards, a leaderboard and a strategy section! We’ll look into this in a bit more details below.

We are also introducing four new heroes in the game! Two available through rare summons: Rosilda and Rane and two new Altar heroes: Fenrir and Odr!

Some highly requested Quality of Life features are also coming in this update: replay button, next dungeon button and changes to energy refill.

We have also done some rebalancing about the arena, the quests related to it and the Glory Shop. More details below!


New Heroes

Four new heroes are now available in the game!



Rane is a Ranged Fire hero with the Piercing and God Hunter traits who is “just so supreme”. His skill allows him to buff his own critical chance to 80% for the next 5 turns.

His partner is Rosilda, a ranged Mechanical Water Hero.



A Veteran of the Imperial army, she can use her Grenade to remove stats buff and stun the enemy team!

Rane and Rosilda share a combo skill: Suppression Fire.
“ATK x20.0 Fire attack on single enemy which decreases DEF to 0 and Accuracy by -50 for 3 turns”

The Altar will now offer you to summon two new Gods: Fenrir and Odr.

Odr, the Mad God is a Dark Spellcaster Divine Hero.



His skill can literally make you go mad. Magnum Experimentum has a chance to switch all the buffs from an enemy and the debuffs from your party. We can’t wait to see what you will do with this…

His partner in crime is Fenrir, a Magical Divine Melee Earth beast.



His powerful Earth skill comes at a cost, as it will decrease his own ATK, DEF and REC for 5 turns.

The two of them are waiting to wreak havoc, a perfect example is the combo skill they share. Waiiit for it…

“ATK x4, DEF x4 and REC x4 buff to the party for 7 turn(s) but will trigger Sudden Death when the duration ends.”
We will destroy you, or we will die trying!


New Dark Maze features

Update 2.1 will improve the Maze with new features:

        Leaderboards: you will be able to see how far players got and in which order. It’s time to dig faster!

        Strategy screen: need some help clearing a section of the Maze? This tab will show you the most successful heroes in each section!

        Guild rewards: each time a guild member clears a section of the Maze, their guild will get a reward!

        4-Stars Mort pieces (10x) have been added to the Maze Shop.

        Revive from Maze Sickness: your favorite Hero has fallen in the Maze? You can now ask your guildmates to donate potions to revive your heroes affected by Maze Sickness. You can find the option from the Edit Maze Parties menu:



Quality of Life changes

        When refilling your energy for Gems, you will now receive your maximum energy cap, and not the energy needed to reach your cap. In short: more energy per refill (except if you were at 0).

        Autoplay is now available from the first time you are playing a dungeon after completing the tutorial.

        The confirmation to enter a dungeon without reinforcement will no longer be shown after Chapter 6.

        The confirmation to enter a dungeon with all chests slots full will only be shown once. It will appear again the next time the slots are full. Playing several dungeons in a row with full chest slots will no longer ask for confirmation every time.

        The Tinker will now show a red dot notification if you have enough materials to craft a rune.

        You will now be able to see how many turns are left on your status effects in battle (for example: burn, attack boost, silence, etc).

        And let’s not forget (drumroolllllls) this highly requested feature: Replay and Next Dungeon buttons! They will be shown on the rewards screen. Look at those sweet buttons, can’t wait to click them right?



Changes to the Arena

We have been closely monitoring the arena environment and we will be introducing some changes to shake things up.
So far, it seems having a good defense is far more important than having a good attack. We are introducing the following changes to the Arena.

        Only 2 defenses will be added to your trophies. After this, you will need to attack again to win trophies. This is meant to avoid players sitting idle with a very good defense team and getting trophies from a streak of defense wins.

        The max number of Arena invites has been decreased from 5 to 3 to compensate the previous change. However, you will be able to gain more Invites through Arena quests.

        The Arena Champion Daily Quest requirements have been reduced and the rewards increased.

        The Gladiator Daily Quest requirement have been reduced from 6 to 4.

        The requirements for Arena quests requiring hero evolutions have been decreased from 10 to 5.

        And finally, you asked for it: the buying limit for Alchemy and Spirit Stones have been removed in the Glory Shop (yeaaaaaaah).

We will be closely monitoring the effects of those changes and your feedback and will adapt them if necessary over the coming days!


Balance changes

        Awaken bonuses will now only multiply the base stats without including the runes bonuses. Some awaken skills were a bit too strong in our opinion!

        Elemental summons chances for 4 and 5 stars have been slightly decreased in the Guild and Glory shops.

        The price of Elemental summons in the Guild Shop have been increased to 950.

        Water Spirit dungeon (normal) last boss Water Lord Henrich changed to Water Mage Henrich.

        Water Spirit dungeon (nightmare) last boss Water God Henrich changed to Water Lord Henrich.


Bug fixes

        Fixed a rare bug causing an out of sync issue when entering the Arena, and causing players to lose their invite. The issue may still happen, but you will now longer lose your invite! We are still investigating what is causing this issue.

        The 20% HP penalty when you leave the Maze is now calculated on the current HP.


Still here? Well, it’s enough for this week!

Don’t hesitate to give your feedback in Discord or on the Facebook page!


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